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Jwon Massage

Therapeutic, Relaxing, Healing 

Leave your life at the door and enter a haven where you can rest and heal. Using techniques that range from deep tissue to light touch, Braden and Johanna tailor each therapeutic session to their clients' needs.

As Certified Reiki Masters, they view every massage as a time of healing. Braden also offers CrainoSacral Therapy, a gentle approach that often deeply impacts every system of the body. Jwon Massage offers chair massage sessions for Walla Walla area businesses and events.



1 Hour Massage Therapy              $92

1 Hour CranioSacral Therapy       $92

1 Hour Reiki                                     $92

90 Minute Session                         $133

2 Hour Session                               $169

1 Hour Medical Massage              $117

On-Site Chair Massage*           $77/hr

*Plus $35 travel/set-up fee

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