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Mommy, Runner, Healer. 

Johanna is full of energy and life! She loves cooking and baking, marathon running, snow, and camping with her family. Johanna studied massage at the longest running school in the state of Washington where she mastered a wide range of techniques from relaxation massage to deep tissue.

Her treatments combine sports massage, Thai massage, Reiki, and Swedish Massage. Johanna sees every session as a gift – a way to pass on the beauty of life to others.

Family man, Nature lover, Healer 

Braden loves life! He especially enjoys time in nature with his wife, three boys, and a little girl. He also likes marathon running, biking, reading, and camping. For 11 years Braden lived among a remote tribe in the highlands of Cambodia.

As a student of the village people he began to see life in new colors. “Jwon” is a tribal word from the Pnong language meaning “strength, energy, vitality, life.” Braden sees his healing massage sessions as a way to bring strength, energy, vitality, and life to every client.

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